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Welcome to my blog on turning a rusty old shed in to a thoroughbred Italian winning race car. In the last episode we were at Donington Park racing against cars from the nineteen nighties and bagging a 3rd. The following day we took on the might of the nineteen eighties with the Classic Sports Car Club Future Classics and face some stiff competition.


Having reviewed the footage from Saturday’s race we made some small damper changes to see if that would help the car and driver unlock some more speed. Here is what happened!

Despite all of the tail out action, we did improve on our best from Saturday but still qualified a lowly eight. The good news is there was a second separating about ten cars and we were right in the thick of it. Opportunity to go forward but also to drop back. 20170910_192108


We made some final changes to the setup for the race, particularly around breaking stability and took ourselves to the assembly area. This one would be 100% dry which was disappointing but that is how things go.

We made a reasonable start and got a few places on the first few laps, but being conservative on the tyres we were soon overtaken back. The car ended up 8th after the pit stops having served a thirty second winners penalty after winning Croft. We were fortunate to pit early as there was a whole train of cars behind us.

As you saw the Morgan used tape as a fuel cap, caught on fire quite badly. Thankfully everyone was ok and the car isn’t a pile of burning embers but the race was stopped. As we were less than seventy five percent through the race distance it was re-scheduled for the end of the day.20170910_192353

For reasons best known to the drivers and teams, a number of cars withdrew at this point, packed up early and went home. This immediately promoted us to sixth for the re-start. As you can see the rain dances worked and we had a wet track to begin with.

“Richard Thurbin’s four-wheel-drive Lancia Delta Integrale was untouchable with the extra traction in its rain-soaked race. From sixth on the grid Thurbin comprehensively bested the field off the line, going around the outside of Redgate to claim the 1980s race lead.” – Autosport 14/09/17

What a race! It was all over by the first corner… there was one brief moment on the first lap where I thought “great I am in the lead, oh that means I don’t have any references for braking!” I didn’t make any real mistakes, kept it smooth and off the racing line and ended up two seconds or more a lap faster than the next guy. It very nearly ended in disaster though as the last two laps I was running out of fuel and was surging through the corners. I then used an endurance technique of lift and cost plus higher gears to eke out what little fuel I had left. Luckily a TVR stuck it in the gravel which meant 4 cars on the side of the road so they flagged it early. I made it back to the puts with only just enough fuel to put it on the trailer.20170910_192214


Winning for the second time this year is really amazing (and the only car to do so). Clearly the Delta has a significant advantage in the wet and we need to be more competitive in the dry so we have a chance at winning in all conditions. All that being said, it is great to finish both races with 3rd in class and first overall. Happy camper here!

We haven’t yet decided when the next race is for the year so keep an eye on as well as Facebook for updates and pre-views. In the meantime why not subscribe to the channel and please give the video a thumbs up.


Extended Version:

Timing Sheets: (scroll down past the 1970’s group).

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